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    6:45 AM: Get Some Early Exercise


    Morning exercise raises your heart rate and metabolism early to give you physical energy for hours, it also helps burn more calories throughout the day. There are also generally lower pollution levels in the morning.

    7:30 AM: Have Breakfast

    Eating breakfast starts your metabolism. Aim to get 25 percent of your total day's calories at breakfast, with other small meals throughout the day. Think breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper - and two dainty snacks - like a princess!

    9:00 AM: Skip the Morning Latte

    Forgo the large, full-fat latte in favor of a small, skim latte, or better still, try tea. This will save a lot of calories. It will also help keep sugar cravings in check, and blood sugar levels on an even keel.

    11:00 AM: Ditch the Juice
    早上11:00:吃水果 別喝果汁

    Have an apple instead of a glass of apple juice which has the calories of almost three apples. Studies also show that regular fruit juice intake may increase diabetes risk by 50% due to massive sugar hits. Also, the fiber - which is what helps you fill up faster - is left out of the juice. By making this one swap you'll save calories every day.

    1:00 PM: Love Your Lunch

    Don't eat at your desk. Get outside, go for a walk and be conscious when you do eat of what's going into your mouth. If you want to cut carbs, have a stir-fry with extra sprouts and vegies, but ask for fewer noodles.

    3:00 PM: Avoid the Afternoon Sugar Slump

    Drink water and avoid soft drinks. A Harvard study of 6000 people found that drinking just one soft drink a day (diet or standard) increased the risk of obesity by 31%. And now there's more evidence that diet drinks are as bad as normal ones.

    4:00 PM: Breathe Easier

    For those who are asthmatic or easily exhausted - working out between 4pm and 5pm may be best. One study of 4800 people by the American College of Chest Physicians found that lung function peaks (at about 20% higher) during this period, with midday exercise returning the lowest lung function.


    7:00 PM: Enjoy a Drink

    There have been countless studies trumpeting the health benefits of moderate daily alcohol intake (emphasis on "moderate"), with wines linked to reductions in arterial and cardiovascular diseases. So go ahead, we're not saints or robots.

    8:30 PM: Stop Eating

    It's better not to eat two to three hours before bed. If you are tempted, give your body an 'automatic' brain signal that eating is over for the night. This might include washing the dishes, putting away all the leftovers and flossing and cleaning your teeth thoroughly. If you've done this, you're less likely to be tempted to put anything but herbal tea past your lips late at night.
    臨睡前兩到三小時,最好停止進食。如果你忍不住誘惑,那就給你的身體發出一個“自動”信號,告訴自己晚上的進食已經結束了。你可以把碗碟洗乾淨了,把殘羹剩菜收起來,徹底清潔牙齒,如果你做了以上這些事的話,那除了喝幾口草本茶之外,你就不太會想再吃其他東西了。 (來源:可可英語)